The Turbo Warrior Build


Took a few shots on a beautiful ride!

I first purchased my 2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior in February of 2012.  Since then I’ve done tons of modifications to her.  I think I enjoy wrenching on her as much as I do riding her.  I’ve wanted to put a turbo on my Warrior when I saw others had done it with fabbed kits and purchased kits.  To purchase a kit would cost me around $5000.  Waaay too much for me to justify buying one.  So, I decided to eventually make my own set up.  Learning about what all was involved in this project has been quite a process.  I read two books, Maximum Boost by Corky Bell and Motorcycle Turbocharging, Supercharging & Nitrous Oxide by Joe Halle.  I’m also a supporting member of the Road Star Warrior forum.  All of which have been invaluable to my learning. \m/

7 thoughts on “The Turbo Warrior Build

  1. Wow, I was a mechanic by trade so I can seriously appreciate the craazy amount of time and effort you put into this thing man. Very impressed. Congrats that it turned out bad ass! Bacton on RSWarrior


  2. I am building an 09 warrior right now got it with 1200 miles on it and a cracked frame . I joined the warriors forum but keep having issues logging in to it I have been attempting to straighten and weld fame (so far unsuccessful) also got a really nice set of R1 forks with ohlins cartridges. Although I will probably have to get another frame I’m going to try and press neck back in place one more time before I do. I am going to turbo this bike and would be very thankful for any help nothing wild just stock engine and whatever I need to run a turbo I’m hopeful to just build exhaust add turbo and get a programmer! will this work ?


    • Basically, yes. You will need to fabricate headers as well. Then the will need a pressure source for your wastegate and a line for your BOV. With these bikes it’s not terribly complicated and fortunately the engines are relatively bullet proof.


  3. HI i am working on 02 warrior turbo project and was wondering what you had to do to tell the computer it was boosting so it adds more fuel and what programmer you used thanks


    • Brian,
      I use a power Commander 5. There are multiple ways to let the fuel management unit know it needs to add more fuel. Currently I have mine tuned by throttle position. Not the best way in my opinion but it works well. I have an AFR display that I use to monitor it and it’s usually spot on or a little rich. Which is ok with me.


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