The Turbo Warrior Build


Took a few shots on a beautiful ride!

I first purchased my 2006 Yamaha Road Star Warrior in February of 2012.  Since then I’ve done tons of modifications to her.  I think I enjoy wrenching on her as much as I do riding her.  I’ve wanted to put a turbo on my Warrior when I saw others had done it with fabbed kits and purchased kits.  To purchase a kit would cost me around $5000.  Waaay too much for me to justify buying one.  So, I decided to eventually make my own set up.  Learning about what all was involved in this project has been quite a process.  I read two books, Maximum Boost by Corky Bell and Motorcycle Turbocharging, Supercharging & Nitrous Oxide by Joe Halle.  I’m also a supporting member of the Road Star Warrior forum.  All of which have been invaluable to my learning. \m/

3 thoughts on “The Turbo Warrior Build

  1. Wow, I was a mechanic by trade so I can seriously appreciate the craazy amount of time and effort you put into this thing man. Very impressed. Congrats that it turned out bad ass! Bacton on RSWarrior


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